Nainital is situated in the state of Uttarakhand near the kumoun Hills. Nainital tourist places is one of the most favorite and common destinations among the people.  The name of the city is coined after the goddess Naina Devi and is located around Naini Lake.

Nainital is also called the lakeside town of India. It is located in the Himalayan belt. It is situated in the middle of the Kumaon hills and is blessed with beautiful lakes. Nainital view is phenomenal in all the seasons.

According to mythology the left eye of the Hindu goddess Sati (consort of Lord Shiva) fell at this place, which led to the creation of this eye shaped Naini lake.

Nainital is known as a tourist paradise due to its beautiful landscapes and serene surroundings. There are so many place to visit in Nainital, out of which we will discuss 11 most beautiful and important place to visit in Nainital.

It is believed that the British merchant, P. Baroon, in 1839, influenced Nainital by establishing a British colony, impressed by its mesmerizing beauty.

11 famous places to visit in Nainital 

1. Naini Lake

Naini Lake is the most well-known spot in Nainital ( Uttarakhand state) to visit. Naini lake is a natural lake. The lake is found corresponding to the shopping center street of the cities.

Beautiful Naini Lake is situated in the heart of Nainital. Naini lake has a reflection of all the surrounding mountains, due to which its water looks absolutely green and this view looks quite beautiful.

You can also enjoy boating in this lake, you will be able to enjoy the up-close beauty of the lake. Millions of domestic and foreign tourists visit this beautiful lake to enjoy boating. The north shore of the lake is Mallital and the southern shore is called Tallital.

Boating  charges in Nainital:

Full round: Rs 210

Half Round: Rs. 160

Naini Lake , Naina Lake or nainital lake

2. Naina Devi temple

You must have a visit to the Naina Devi temple and start your journey from here.

Naina Devi Temple is a famous Shakti Peetha of Hinduism.

This temple is highly recognized in Nainital. This temple is adjacent to Naini Lake and is located in Mallital.

The special thing about this temple is that the Goddess of this temple is not seated in her full body. Only her two eyes are present there. This temple is associated with mythology.

Once Lord Shiva was carrying the burnt body of Sati Devi, at that time her two eyes fell on this place. Hence the goddess is worshiped here as these eyes only.  

People come from far and wide to seek the blessings of Naina Devi. There are many shops here from where you can buy prasad for worship.

The distance from Nainital Roadways to the temple is about 2 kilometers, which you can reach here in 10 minutes by rickshaw.

You can visit this temple from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm at night.

From this temple you can see the beauty of Nainital Lake and Nainital. The famous fair of Nanda Devi is held here which lasts for 8 days and on the last day, her sister Naina Devi is immersed along with Nanda Devi.

There is also a masjid and gurudwara near Naina Devi temple.

Nainital Lake is in the backside of Naina Devi Temple and Bhotia Market is in front. You will also see the famous football ground of Nainital near Naina Devi temple where you can enjoy football matches for free.

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naina devi Temple, nainital

3.Nainital Zoo

Nainital Zoo is one of the main attraction points of Nainital. The name of this zoo is “Govind Ballabh Pant High Attitude Zoo”.While entering in Nainital zoo you have to buy an entry ticket of Rs. 100 per person.

This high elevation zoo is situated at a stature of 2100 meters which makes this zoo an ideal spot for some creatures and feathered creatures.

This zoo is the highest altitude zoo in North India.

Timing to visit Zoo

Timings: Morning 10:00  to  Evening 4:00 

Closed on Thursday.

Nainital Zoo is also closed on Deepawali, Holi, 15 August and 2 October.

Some of the Birds and Animals in Zoo

In Nainital zoo, you will find Bengal tiger, Himalaya bear, Red Panda, Leopard, Sambhar, and a variety of birds.

This is the favorite spot for tourists. From the height of Nainital Zoo, one can see the entire beauty of  Nainital and Nainital Lake. Nainital Zoo is situated at slope slant in Nainital.

Nainital Zoo


Nainital has a lot of tourist spots that can engage anybody, and one such well-known fascination is “Tiffin Top, normally called Dorthy’s Seat”.

It was constructed by Army Officer Colonel JP Kellett in loving memory of an English artist named Dorothy Kellett.

This place is situated at an altitude of 7520 feet above sea level at Ayarpatta Hill, the tiffin top is a terraced peak that gives a wonderful 360 ° perspective of the Nainital city. Tiffin top is 4 km away from Naina Devi temple.

From here one can see the amazing view of the Himalayan mountains. The beauty of the tiffin top is amazing.

Surrounded by pine, cedar, and oak trees, this forest will thrill your mind. You can drive up to sarewood college from there have a short walk up to the top of scenic views.

On a standard day, individuals are frequently observed here make the most of their lunch, that is the explanation it’s known as “ tiffin top”. It’s a truly amazing fascination, so remember to take cameras along.

Tiffin top in nainital uttarakhand
Tiffin top

5.Snow View

The snow viewpoint in Nainital is situated at an altitude of 2270 meters above sea level and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the region.

You can visit this place by many means such as:-

  1. By Taxi
  2. By Trolley(Ropeway)
  3. On Foot

 As the name suggests, Snow View Point offers panoramic views of the mighty Himalayas. One can see the three significant pinnacles —“ the peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Kot”— can be seen together from this point.

A trident peak is a group of three mountain peaks that resemble the structure of a trident and hence the name.

Nanda Kot peak means the fort of Nanda. According to ancient Hinduism texts, Goddess Parvati has made her sacred place at this place.

With the help of binoculars at the snow viewpoint, you will be able to see the Himalayan range and its magical peaks.


Snow View


6. Naina Peak

  Naina peak is also called as china peak.

It is considered to be the highest point in nainital.

It is a major tourist attraction and is very famous among travelers. The trek to the peak is very easy, the people will pass through the pine trees and cypress trees and the trail will leave them speechless.

Naina Peak is the most elevated slope top and one of the celebrated places of interest in Nainital. This pinnacle is likewise called “China Peak” and “Cheena Peak” by local people in Nainital.

Because of high height and rich green woods way, Naina Peak is most loved spot in Nainital for trekking among voyagers.

Naina Peak offers the mind-blowing Bird’s eye perspective on the Nainital town, the Himalayas and furthermore the tremendous spreads of the Kumaon area.

It is rapture for individuals who love strolling. One can take long strolls, breath natural air and appreciate the picturesque excellence.

Nainital View from China Peak


7.Mall Road

Mall road is famous as the shopping road in Nainital. This road has all the small and big vendors selling their products along with the majestic nanny Lake at the side.

Mall Road has many shopping centers, travel agencies, restaurants and banks.

Mall Road is the main road connecting Tallital and Mallital.  The place is the ultimate views of nature and you can enjoy some great shopping experiences.

The Mall Road of Nainital, which runs parallel to Naini Lake. We know as the Mall Road, is officially known as “Govind Ballabh Pant Marg”.

Mall Road has many shopping centers, travel agencies, restaurants, and banks. 

In peak season (April May-June) after 6:00 pm vehicles are not allowed in the mall road

The tourists enjoy walking on the mall road,  and the mall road is filled with tourists.



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8.Gurney’s house

Gurney’s house is the father’s house of Jim Corbett and now has been converted into a museum located on Anyarpata hill. There is a cottage which was constructed by the former British hunter.

Garney’s House was the residence of Jim Corbett, a famous British hunter and conservationist.

After the death of Jim Corbett, this beautiful house was sold to Sardar Prasad Verma. It is currently owned by Nilanjan Dalmia, granddaughter of Verma.

Home owners welcome all Jim Corbett fans to see this heritage property but after strict precaution. 

The house is encompassed by a wonderful nursery having trees of Angu, Rhododendron and Tilaunj or Kharsu. There is a focal display having lounge area and drawing rooms on the two sides and three rooms towards the right.

The dividers of rooms likewise have large windows for normal light and air. The rooftop is inclining as in most provincial houses however has a high tapered structure in the inside.

The house has been changed over into a historical center now and is known as the Jim Corbett Museum.

The exhibition hall contains Corbett’s assets, including his trophies, African drum, vessel, angling pole, books, and furniture.

Gurney House


 9.Tibetan market

Tibetan market is the street market in the city. it is heaven for all shophouses. the Tibetan market in Nainital is one of the best tourist places in Nainital and is restored with great styles of floats.

The Tibetan Market, which we also call Bhotia Market, is adjacent to the Naina Devi Temple.

The Tibetan Market (Bhotia Market) is a Tibetan people’s market by its name, where you get a variety of food items and clothes such as jackets, jeans, sweaters, woolen clothes, shawls, Caps, ladies clothes and different types of clothes are available and there are some electronic shops and decoration shops.

Momo and Thuppa are very famous here, so if you come here, do not forget to eat Momo and Thuppa of Bhotia Market.

Things to purchase at Bhotia Market

  1. Fine woolen scarves.
  2. High-quality candles, blend, and home aromas.
  3. Fake gems, key chains, and books.
  4. high-quality kumaun woolens by ladies of Almora and other local spots.
  5. The bamboo texture is one eccentric thing you will discover here.

Activities at and around Bhotia Market

  1. There is a Naina Devi Temple adjoining Bhotia Market, after which Nainital is named,
  2. There is a huge ground near Bhotia Market called “Flats” where every time you can enjoy the different tournaments, 
  3. There is a Gurudwara at the front which you can see.
  4. There is “Thandi Sadak”  just a few minutes from Bhotia Market where you can enjoy walking.



10.governor’s house

Governor’s house is also called “Rajbhawan” and it is the house of the governor. The place is open for public display and is one of the famous places to visit in Nainital because of its 19th-century architecture the house is spread over an area of 220 acres.

Raj Bhavan was worked by the British as a habitation of Governor of North West Province. Presently Raj Bhavan is the official convenience of the Governor (Uttarakhand).

State visitors coming to Nainital additionally use it for their remain. It has 113 furnished rooms, a sublime nursery, Golf Course, Swimming Pool and is a different place to visit.

Like the Buckingham Palace in England, the historic palace built in the famous Gothic style at  Nainital turned 122 years old. The foundation stone of the Raj Bhavan, famous for its amazing crafts, was laid on 27 April 1897.

In the 220-acre Raj Bhavan area, 160 acres is covered with forest and in 75 acres a golf field was built. In 1994, seeing the beauty of the Raj Bhavan, it was also opened to the common people.

The famous designer Frederic William Steven designed the Nainital Raj Bhavan.


Rajbhawan also famous as Governer’s House in Nainital


11. Eco Cave Garden

 Cave Garden is a place for those who like adventure and they will enjoy a lot. The Cave Garden is also known as the ‘Echo Cave Garden’. It is a popular tourist attraction of Nainital Located near the famous Mall Road of Nainital.

This garden is an interconnected network of several caves.

This place is 3 km from the main bus station of Nainital. If you like adventure, then trekking here will be more fun or else you can reach here by hiring taxi.

All these caves are natural.

Eco Garden Specialties

  • It is a chain of caves,  inside you will find a wide variety of mountains and stones, while looking, you can get an idea of ​​how these mountains will be made in this way.
  • Some places inside the cave are so small that you have to crawl.
  • It has six underground caves which are illuminated by Petromax lamps, these caves are known as Tiger Cave, Bat Cave, Panther Cave, Ape Cave, Squirrel Cave, Flying Fox Cave as the structure of those caves resembles the shape of those animals. The path connecting these caves is quite narrow, sometimes travelers need to crawl.
  • It has also a musical fountain.
Cave Garder Nainital
Eco Cave Garden


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