The city of Bundi is known for its Bawaris and Kajali Teej. The city of Bundi was founded by Deva Hada in 1942 by defeating Zeta Meda. The distance of Bundi is 213 km from Jaipur and 38 km from Kota.

The city of Bundi is named after Bunda Meena. Bundi district is called the paradise of birds. Bundi is famous for its cultural, folk traditions, and local historical heritage. Surrounded by the mountain ranges of Aravalli, the shade of Bundi city looks unique.

There are 9 different reservoirs in the city of Bundi in which flocks of birds keep coming from all over the country. There are 8 dams in the Bundi district.

Best places to visit in Bundi

All the tourist places in Bundi are nearby, so you can easily roam everywhere. Bundi is famous for forts, Lakes, Painting, and Bawari.

84 pillar umbrella


84 Pillars Chhatri is one of the main attractions of Bundi. As the name suggests, this building has 84 pillars supporting the entire monument. Chhatri was built by the famous Rajput Rao Anirudh Singh in the 17th century.

Rameshwar Mahadev


This temple is situated in the beautiful natural place of the Aravalli ranges. Rameshwaram Mahadev Temple, located at a distance of about 18 km from the city, is considered a center of tourism as well as a faith.

Dhabhai Kund


Dhabhai Kund was built in the 16th century, it is famous for its natural beauty and it is located near Rani Ji’s stepwell.

It is a stepwell that was constructed to provide water to the drought-affected areas of Rajasthan. It is famous for its beautiful carvings and paintings.

Nagar Sagar Kund


Nagar Sagar Kund has two twin terraces which are located outside Chauhan Darwaza, it was constructed for the people of Bundi to get water during the drought.

Jait Sagar Lake


Jait Sagar Lake is situated at the foot of the hill, at a distance of 2 km from Bundi, it is an important lake here. The lake was built by the Bundi king Jiten Meena. After this, it was renovated by Rani Jyoti, mother of Rao Raja Surjan Singh. 

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Nawal Sagar Lake


Nawal Sagar Lake is an artificial lake which is situated in the middle of Bundi, this lake is clearly visible from Taragarh Fort.

The whole of Bundi’s shadow is visible in the calm waters of the lake. This lake is square and a temple of Lord Varuna is situated in this lake. Some part of this temple is submerged in water and this temple is surrounded by baoris from all sides.

Garh Mahal


Garh Mahal is also called Bundi Mahal, it was the authority of Rao Balwant Singh. Chitrashala is the only part of the Garh Mahal that has been opened to the general public.

Tourists come here from far and wide to see this palace, this palace is opened for tourists from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Sukh Mahal


Sukh Mahal is located opposite Jai Mandir in Bundi. Sukh Mahal has been built specially, the entrance of Sukh Mahal is made of sandal board wood, which spread fragrance in the surrounding area, proper facilities have been arranged for water to reach from one place to another, King Vishnu Singh Built-in 1773 AD.

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Queen’s stepwell


It was built in 1699 AD by Rani Nathawat Ji, the younger queen of Rao Raja Aniruddha, the ruler of Bundi. This stepwell was built for the queen only.

Rani Ji Ki Baori is a famous place that is 46 meters deep and has beautiful carvings on its pillars. This is a famous stepwell in Rajasthan, which tourists come from far and wide to see.

Taragarh Fort


Taragarh Fort is situated in the Aravalli Mountains. This fort is located in the southwest of Ajmer city. This fort is situated 700 feet on the Taragarh hill. It was built by Prithviraj Chauhan in 1354. There are some such tunnels in Taragarh palace, which have not been detected yet. This palace is a splendid specimen of Rajput architecture. The main attraction of this palace is the mural painting present here.

Main Bazar


Main Bazaar is the main market of Bundi where you will get various ingredients at cheap rates. In the main market, you will find handicrafts and paintings which show the natural geographical conditions of Rajasthan.

Badal Mahal


Badal Mahal is the Fort that surrounds the main  Tara Garh fort and is very famous for very beautiful paintings. The influence of Chinese culture can also be clearly seen in those paintings.

The beauty of this palace attracts tourists and tourists are fascinated by seeing the beauty of this palace. That’s why this place comes in the top tourist places of Bundi.

How to reach Bundi

By Bus

Many buses run from Delhi to Bundi and you will get AC, NON AC, Volvo, and normal bus. you can also visit Bundi in your personal vehicle, the distance from Delhi to Bundi is 484 km.

By Train

You can also go to Bundi by train but train services for Bundi are not much, only two trains run daily, that is :

Train Name & No. Departure Duration Arrival
Mevar Express


Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station 19:00 7h5m BUDI 02:05

Bundi Railway Station

Dehradun Express


Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station 21:50 11h 21m BUDI 09:11

Bundi Railway Station


For more details about Trains click :

By Air

The nearest airport to Bundi is Jaipur Airport, the distance of Bundi from here is about 200 kilometers, you can go to Bundi by bus or taxi from here.

Best Time to visit Bundi

October to March is the best time to visit Bundi, at this time the temperature is around 30 degrees, in which you can comfortably roam the city of Bundi.

In summer the temperature is around 45 degrees in which you will have trouble walking and you will not be able to enjoy the monsoon. It also rains a little, but the temperature remains very high, so the best time to visit Bundi is from October to March.

Stay in Bundi

You will find many hotels to stay in Bundi and you will get these hotels starting from rs. 1000, you can take the hotels according to your pocket according to your tour.

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