Dehradun the Capital of Uttarakhand located in the foothills of Himalayas. Dehradun city is famous for tourism education culture and natural beauty.

History of Dehradun

Dehradun was established in 1699. It is said that Sikh Guru Ramarai Kiratpur from Punjab came here and settled. The Mughal sovereign Aurangzeb had given a few towns to him from the King of Tehri.

Here he also built a temple almost like the Mughal tombs in 1699 AD, which is legendary till date. Probably because the Guru’s camp is this valley, the name of this place is called Dehradun.

Apart from this, according to a very ancient legend, the name of Dehradun was earlier Dronnagar and it was said that Dronacharya, the Guru of Pandava-Kauravas had built his taphobhoomi at this spot and this city was named after him.

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How to reach Dehradun

You can use any route to reach Dehradun, whether it is a road route,  a rail route, or an air route, all the facilities are available to reach Dehradun.

By Road

Dehradun is directly connected to all the major cities of India.

Direct buses are running from all major cities to Dehradun. The road to Dehradun is very smooth. You can come to Dehradun very easily by bus or by your personal vehicle.

The distance from Dehradun to Haridwar is 25 kilometers

The distance from Dehradun to Delhi is 245 kilometers.

The distance from Dehradun to Nainital is 280 kilometers

By Train

The rail route from Dehradun is also connected to all the major cities of the country.

There are many trains from Delhi to Dehradun.

By Air

To reach Dehradun by air, you have Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun, from here you can go to Dehradun by bus or taxi.

The distance from Jolly Grant Airport to Dehradun is 25 km.

Stay in Dehradun

You can stay in  Hotels, PG, Dharmshala, and  Ashram in Dehradun.

Timings to Visit Dehradun

Dehradun is a relieving retreat that can be visited throughout the year. An ideal season for an excursion to Dehradun is the summer season when the environment is charming.

It is likewise worth visiting during the storm and pre-winter season.

The Winter season in Dehradun sees temperatures that are haltingly cold and drop as low as 3 degrees Celsius.  While the days can be moderate and the evenings are consistently cold and freezing. The vast majority like to visit for a brief length in the colder time of year.

Places to visit in Dehradun

Dehradun Zoo (malsi deer park)

Dehradun-zoo in uttarakhand

Dehradun Zoo, also known as Malsi Deer Park Situated at the foothills of the Shivalik range.

This place is about 15 kilometers from Clock tower, the center of the Dehradun region.

The place has been developed into a small zoological park. This zoo is surrounded by a dense and beautiful forest of Dun valley.

This zoo currently contains about 187 animals.

The zoo also has deer, leopard birds, and crocodiles. Apart from this, this place is also working as a rescue center for injured and disputed animals.

Due to its unique natural beauty, thousands of tourists come to visit the place throughout the year.

A cactus garden has also been built here

This zoo also has an aquarium.

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Mind Rolling Monastery  or Tibetan Buddha Temple

Tibetan Buddha Temple-Dehradun

This is the most famous monastery of the Dehradun. This monastery is considered to be one of the largest Buddhist viharas located in the country.

You will see a 220 feet high stupa in Buddha Temple.

The stupa here is one of the largest stupas in the world. It is a Tibetan religious site and a center of Tibetan education, there is great beauty and peace here.

Buddhist followers and tourists from all over the world come here. There are some very beautiful idols of Buddhism here.

The main temple has a three-story temple, the walls have stories of Lord Buddha painted on the top part of the temple.

There is a magnificent and beautiful 103 feet high statue of Lord Buddha in the top part of the temple.

when you visit the idol, you feel peace and goodwill.

Here is the largest school to teach Buddhism. You can enjoy a lot of things related to Tibetan culture in the Buddha temple here.

Robbers Cave


Robbers Cave, also known locally as Guchupani, was a place used by the bandits to hide in the British kingdom.

There is a major cave which is about 600 meters long and is divided into two parts.

Here your clothes will get wet in water so there is a facility of locker, clothes, and sleepers on rent.

Tapkeshwar Mandir


Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple is a famous temple of Dehradun.

Tapkeshwar Mahadev has a temple of Mata Santoshi Mata in front of the main gate and next to it is the idol of Hanuman ji and there is a self-made Shivling inside the cave.

Due to the water dripping from the roof above the Shivling,the name of this place is Tapkeshwar Mahadev.

It is said that Pandavas guru Dronacharya also stayed here, so this cave is known as Drona cave. The glory of this goddess situated on the banks of the river is very big.



Sahastradhara is just 16 kilometers from Dehradun.

Due to thousands of streams flowing here, the name of this place  is Sahastradhara.

This is one of the foremost popular places in Dehradun.

The sulfur cascade located here is famous for curing skin diseases.

Due to the many shops and restaurants here, this place is the most favorite place for picnics. The water falling from the hill is stored by natural means.

A little away from here, inside a hill, there are many small natural caves. Here you can also enjoy the ropeway and can reach the hill from the ropeway.

FRI(Indian Institute of Forestry)


The Indian Institute of Forestry here is known as FRI. Is a premier institute in the field of forestry research in India.

The architecture of the main building is made in Greek and Roman style.

Apart from scientific information, its museum is additionally a middle of attraction for tourists.

Timings to visit FRI

Everyday Morning 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Being the largest building made of bricks, its name was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for several days.



The city of Dehradun is inhabited in the lap of nature, It is as if nature has created a place just for fun.

Lachhiwala is the best place to visit and have a picnic.

The main attraction of this place is the river.

This place is packed with tourists during holidays, especially in summer.

Clock tower and Paltan Market


The clock tower of Dehradun is an aesthetically pleasing structure and was built during British rule by British.

The palton market is a short distance from here. Palton Bazaar is known as the favorite place of everyone in Dehradun for shopping.

In the old times, the things displayed in the hill culture were kept in the palton market, but today in the palton market you can find everything from old things to the latest fashion.

Rajaji National Park


It was named Rajaji National Park after the extraordinary political dissident Chakravarti Rajagopalachari.

It is one of the major tourist places not only in Dehradun but also in the entire Uttarakhand.

Rajaji National Park is known for the number of elephants found here.

Apart from this, Deer, Cheetah, Samba, and  Peacocks are also found in Rajaji National Park.



Mussoorie is located at a distance of 35 km from Dehradun, Mussoorie is a mountain town where people come from all over the globe to enjoy a holiday here.

This place is additionally called as “SOVEREIGN OF MOUNTAINS”

In the northeast of the Mussoorie, you will see the high snow-capped mountains and in the south, you will see Doon Valley and the Shivalik Range. This is why this city is the first choice  of  tourists

Places to visit in Mussoorie :

The most famous place of mussorie is Kempty Fall.

Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara

Santla Devi Temple

Shikhar Fall


 Gandhi Park

Subir Raha Oil Museum

Anthropological museum

Aasan Barrage – This swamp land is located 50 kilometers from Dehradun at the confluence of Yamuna and Asan rivers.

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