The capital of India, Delhi has a solid authentic foundation.  Some of the most powerful emperors in Indian history ruled here.

The historical backdrop of the city is pretty much as old as the Mahabharata.  The city was known as Indraprastha, where the Pandavas once lived.


The city was caught by the British in 1803 AD.  In the year 1911, the British changed Delhi from Calcutta to make Delhi their capital. The city again became the center of government activities.

 These include the British and the current political parties, which have the distinction of leading independent India. After independence in 1947, New Delhi has officially declared the capital of India.

Best places to visit in Delhi

Red Fort


The red sandstone stone dividers of this colossal red fortress are 33 meters high from the beginning, of the august force and magnificence of the Mughal rulers.

Built-in 1638, this rampart was built primarily to protect it from invaders. Presently she shields from the clamor of the city.

Lahori Gate is its fundamental door, which represents the soul image of present-day India where a great many individuals accumulate on Independence Day.

  Many important buildings such as Drum House, Diwan-e-Khas, Diwan-e-Aam, Motia Masjid, Shahi Hamam, and Rang Mahal have been established inside it.

 In the evening, events related to the fort and Indian history are shown here as “Light and Sound”.

India Gate


This place, built in the direction of Rashtrapati Bhavan, has been built in the memory of the martyrs of the First World War. The names of those martyrs have also been written on it.

On the off chance that you have stayed with Delhi, you can’t fail to remember this spot.  Amar Jawan Jyoti burning day and night, storm and storm every day of the year tells the story of those heroes.

You can turn into an observer to its fearlessness by arousing your affection for the country.  The encompassing nursery and every one of the strolls around you will likewise draw in you.

Akshardham Temple


This Swaminarayan sanctuary, one of the biggest Hindu sanctuaries on the planet, will amaze you.  Once inside, you won’t become weary of lauding all of its cones.  It is the most famous Delhi tourist destination.

You will come here and fail to remember the rest of the world totally for quite a while.  This sanctuary is isolated into various parts, including sailing, social occasions, and water shows in the evening – all these will fill you with tremendous delight.

If you come by taking the time, then you will be able to test every corner of the present here very well. The timings of Akshardham Temple are from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. 

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is a huge Hindu temple situated on the banks of river Yamuna in Delhi which was established on 6 November 2005 where the idol of Lord Swaminarayan is inside the temple.

The temple is established that reflects Indian culture and rituals and is the largest Hindu temple in the world, it is so huge that it has a total of 234 pillars, 9 domes and around 20000 sadhus and acharya statues, besides a total of 148 elephants made in the temple. The name of this temple is also included in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records.

Everybody has to visit this magnificent temple. In the evening there are also water and light shows, in which the life span from the birth of a human being to death, shows the amazing combination of water and light. 

Lotus temple


This spot called Baha’i place is a loving community where you will get a totally quiet air. There is no idol of any god here for worship. Everybody belongs to any religion welcomed here. The lotus bloom is an image of harmony and virtue, remembering this, this spot has been developed.

Qutub Minar

Immediately after the defeat of the last Hindu ruler of Delhi, it was built as a 73-meter-high Vijay Minar in 1193 by Qutubuddin Aibak. This building has five floors. Each floor has a gallery and its base is 1.5 m.

It is of Vyus which gradually decreases to 2.5 meters at the top and the first three floors are made of red sandstone and the fourth and fifth floors are made of marble and sandstone.

Adjacent to the tower is the first Quantul-Islaram mosque in India. It has been built from the ruins of 27 Hindu temples and its remains. “The courtyard of this mosque”

Humayun’s Tomb


Humayun’s tomb was built between 1569 to 70 by Humayun’s widow Begum Hamida Banu, who is located in Nizamuddin, Delhi. The architect of this magnificent mausoleum was ‘Meerak Mirza Ghiyath’, a Persian man who had many gardens around this tomb.

There is a garden in the middle of which it has been built, along with the Mughal ruler Humayun, there are also graves of many other rulers.

Jantar Mantar


Delhi’s Jantar Mantar is a huge astronomical observatory that was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh Dutey in the year 1724. Apart from Delhi, the other four Jantar Mantars of the country have also been constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh and these are Jaipur, Mathura, Varanasi and Ujjain.

Jai Singh built this observatory to study the time and motion of the planets.

There are a total of 13 architectural autonomy instruments in which the emperor yantra gives information of time and planets with the help of the sun, ram yantra which gives information about the motion of celestial bodies, and Egypt yantra which tells the shortest and biggest day of the year.

Iskan Mandir

This sanctuary displaying its glory, you will think that it’s energizing. Devoted to Lord Krishna and Radha, this sanctuary is brightened like a lady in the event of Janmashtami.

It is not only a center of spirituality but it is also a center for museums, restaurants, and weddings, parties.

In the evening, the sanctuary enlivened with brilliant lights will astound you, so it is mainstream among individuals,

Jamma masjid

Probably the biggest mosque in India, it is situated in Old Delhi. Worked by Indo-Islamic and Mughal design, this mosque is the most established structure in Shah Jahan. 25000 devotees at one time give way to their faith.

On Eid, there is a colossal horde of individuals here, yet assuming you need to keep away from the group, it will be fitting to come here in the first part of the day.

You do not need a ticket to enter. It’s absolutely free, but if you want to take the camera inside, you’ll have to pay a fee.

How to reach Delhi

Delhi being the capital of the country as well as being the main city of North India, it is an important political, commercial and tourism place to visit, so you get all the facility over here such as bus, trains, and air services.

By Bus

Direct buses run to Delhi from almost all cities of North India. To get to Delhi, you will easily get bus services, which are available throughout the day.

By train

There is also better rail service to Delhi, you can come to Delhi from any part of the country by rail.

By Air

Indira Gandhi Airport of Delhi is one of the major airports in the country. Many flights from the country and abroad are carried on day and night.

If you want to come to Delhi by flight, then you will easily get many air services from which you can come to Delhi.

Stay in hotels

In Delhi, you will get the facility to stay and eat in every place, there is a hotel, lodge facility, and lodging, and restaurants and Dhabas will be available for food all over in Delhi.

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