There will hardly be any city in the world that comes half in one country and half in another country but Dharchula is located in Uttarakhand, half in India and half in Nepal.

Dharchula is located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, which is about 275 kilometers from Haldwani, is the location of a border.

Dharchula is a very beautiful and delightful place to visit. Dharchula is located at a distance of 92 km from Pithoragarh.

This city dates back to the time when there was no border between India and Nepal. Later, one side of the Kali river of Dharchula came to India and the other side moved to Nepal.

To connect Nepal and India in Dharchula, a bridge has been built across the Kali River, India is on this side of the bridge and Nepal is on that side of the bridge.

You still do not have any restrictions to travel from Dharchula to India or Nepal. You do not need any passport or visa. You can easily come to India from Nepal and Nepal to India.

Has there ever been a problem with the borders in this city and this city has been a center of trade for Nepal, Tibet, and India.

Jauljibi Fair


There is a confluence of the Gori and Kali rivers, 23 km from the city of Dharchula, and there is a famous fair of Jauljibi in the month of November every year.

Many traders from India, Nepal, and Tibet come here and many people from all around and take part in it.

In Dharchula, people of India and Nepal speak each other’s language comfortably and it also marries people.

In coming to Dharchula, you will not feel that you are standing on the border of Nepal because as there is a power check in the borders, etc. but in Dharchula nothing like this, where people come easily from India to Nepal and Nepal to India, one of the reasons is healthy relations between  India and Nepal.

How to Reach Dharchula

To go to Dharchula, you can use the bus, train, and flight.

By Bus

Haldwani is the gateway of Kumaon. First of all, you have to reach Haldwani and from here you can take a bus, shared taxi, private taxi to Dharchula or you can reach Pithoragarh and use a taxi for Dharchula from there.

By Train

The nearest railway station for Dhachula is Kathgodam Railway Station. From here you will take a bus or taxi for Dharchula.

By Air

The nearest Airport for Dharchula is Pant Nagar Airport. Then you can take a taxi to Dharchula or you come to Haldwani and then by bus or by taxi you can go to Dharchula.

Places to visit in Dharchula

Om Parwat


Om Parvat is located in Dharchula district of western Nepal and Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Om Parvat is also known as Chhota Kailash.

The snow falling in the Om Mountains is so fixed that the mark of Om is formed on the top of the mountain.

This mountain is very close to the Tibet border and many Tibetans come here to visit Om Parvat.

It is said that all the Gods and Goddesses live on this mountain. You can enjoy nature in this place.

Procedure to go to OM Parvat

To go to Om Parvat, you have to fill online permit form. For that, you have to keep six photographs and an Aadhaar card with you.

Upon getting permission from here, you are given a permit for 20 days. 

In Dharchula itself, you are given a medical permit from there, and keep in mind that you have to get medical done in Dharchula itself, there is no outside medical valid.

After entering the Nepal border in Dharchula, you will have to travel 50 km by taxi, after that you have to travel further by foot.

Walking on foot to Om Parvat, you will see very beautiful views on the way, somewhere you will see high hills, and somewhere you will see waterfalls flowing from the high hills.

Kali River


The Kali River originates from a place called Kalapani, a place bordering India, Nepal, and Tibet.

This place is located near the Lipulekh Pass. Kali River is known by different names like Kali Ganga Sharda and Mahakali in Nepal.

Chirkila Dam

Chirkila Dam is a hydropower plant that is 20 km from Dharchula. The dam is built on the Kali River which generates 1500 kW of electricity.

Tourists can also see a beautiful lake which is connected to the dam. This place is known as a famous picnic spot among the tourists.

Dharchula Market


The local market of Dharchula is very good, here you will find many items of Nepal and Tibet apart from Hindustan, here you can buy perfume jewelry clothes and coffee from Nepal and Tibet.

Trek to ADI Kailash

Even for the journey of Adi Kailash, you will have to make the interline pass, which will be made in Dharchula. From Dharchula you have to take a taxi to Najang.

Najang is located at a distance of 53 km from Dharchula and this is the last station of a taxi. From here you have to go on foot.


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