Haridwar is one of the major pilgrimage sites in India and here every year lakhs of people come and bathe in the Ganges.


When Dhanvantari was taking the nectar after the churning of the ocean, a few drops of nectar accidentally fell here in Har Ki Pauri, where the drops of nectar fell, it is also known as Brahma Kund.

Drops of nectar fell on three more places , ie Ujjain, Prayagraj and Nashik.

Mahakumbh is organized once in 12 years in turn in these four places. As such, Mahakumbh has been organized in Haridwar from April 1, 2021.

The stream of Ganga in Har ki Pauri is artificially extracted from the mainstream. Here the idol of Ganga Maiya is made on the river Ganges.

It is said that King Vikramaditya is in memory of his brother Bharthari  made this Kund and Podiya (stairs).

According to another popular belief, Lord Vishnu came to the earth because of the feet of Lord Vishnu on the earth, this place is called Har ki Pauri.

Many bridges have been built here for the convenience of the travelers.

The Ganga Aarti is a major attraction for visitors during the evening.

Devotees from every corner of India worship here according to their custom.

How to Reach Haridwar

To visit Haridwar from every corner of the country, you can use bus, train or airplane. Haridwar railway station and bus station are face to face.

By Bus

Direct bus from Kashmiri Gate ISBT bus stand of Delhi runs to Haridwar.Haridwar is connected to all the major cities of India through road.

By Train

There are trains to Haridwar from all major cities of the country and if the train is not directly connected with your city, then you first reach Delhi and direct train from Delhi runs to Haridwar.

Janshatabdi Express Daily runs from New Delhi Railway Station to Haridwar.

The distance from Delhi to Haridwar is 200 kilometers.

By Air

 The nearest airport to Haridwar is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. Haridwar is  40 kilometers from Dehradun which you can complete by bus or taxi.

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Stay in Haridwar

There are many hotels, ashrams, and Dharamshalas is there to stay in Haridwar.


You can use Dharamshala to stay in Haridwar. There are so many Dharamshalas in Haridwar, out of which so many  Dharamshalas have the facility of online booking and many Dharamshalas offer free accommodation.

If you want to stay in Dharamshala, then

Non-AC rooms are available for ₹ 300

AC rooms are available from 600 to ₹ 900.

Many Dharamshals also have free lodging and meals.

In the Bhupatwala area, 5 kilometers from Haridwar, many Dharamshalas and Ashrams are built.


 Every kind of hotel is easily available in Haridwar.

Non-AC rooms are available in ₹ 400

 AC rooms are starts from  ₹ 700

 There is a lot of difficulty in getting hotels or Dharamshalas in festivals, it is best to book online at this time,

Best time to visit Haridwar

Summer(March to June)

Summer is the best time to visit Haridwar because at this time you can enjoy a bath in Ganga ji and due to the good weather, you can roam around Haridwar in places like Mansa Devi Chandi Devi Patanjali and other places.

Haridwar attracts a large number of pilgrims on summer days. At this time, the temperature of Haridwar is between 35 and 40 degrees.

And in summer, Magh Mela is held in Haridwar.

Monsoon(July to September)

Due to excessive rains in the rainy season, the obstructions are broken, which causes difficulty in coming and excessive water comes to the Ganges, which makes the flow of water very fast, and at this time you cannot bathe on the Ganges.

Winters(November – January)

Haridwar in Winters is very cold and at this time the Ganges water is very cold and you cannot enjoy bathing in the Ganges, you cannot take a bath in the Ganges for much longer.

Places to Visit in Haridwar

Har ki Pauri


The main attraction of Haridwar is Har ki Pauri whish is  3 kilometers from Haridwar railway station.

To go to Har Ki Pauri, you have to use a cycle rickshaw. While going to Har Ki Pauri, both side you will get shops of puja material.

Haridwar means Hari, the gate of God.

Many temples are available on the way of  Har Ki Pauri , like Ganga Mata Temple, Mahakal Temple, Satyanarayana Temple, Maharishi Temple, Shankaracharya Temple and Balmiki Temple etc.

Har ki Pauri Haridwar is considered to be the most sacred ghat of Haridwar.

The clock tower in front of Har Ki Pauri is also known as Raja Birla Tower. All devotees and pilgrims come here to bathe.

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Mansa Devi Temple


There is a temple of Mansa Devi on a mountain peak on the Shivalik range, just a short distance from Har Ki Pauri.

Mansa Devi means the Goddess who fulfills the desire of the person.

The walk to the temple itself is very easy and you can enjoy it to its fullest.

You can also use ropeway to visit Mansa Devi temple.

Through this route, Har ki Pauri, stream of Ganges and Ganga stream near Neel Parvat and Haridwar city is seen.

In this temple, after making a vow a thread is tied to the tree near the temple .

After the vow is complete, one must come back to this temple to open the thread.

If you take the ticket as Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi together then you will save some time and money.

Chandi Devi


The temple of Chandi Devi is located on the Neel Parvat and it is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas of Mother Sati.

Aarti in Har ki Pauri

If you want to have a good experience of Aarti, then you reach Brahm Kund at 4:00 am, after chanting the mantra, Aarti starts, everyone wants to capture this amazing scene in their mobiles and cameras.

After the Ganga Aarti is over, the Aarti is rotated for the pilgrims.

 The flowing waters of the Ganges and the lamps flowing in it become a truly unforgettable scene.

In the evening, there is a huge crowd in the market adjacent to Har Ki Pauri, here people buy different kinds of worship items.

This market in Haridwar is also famous for food and drink.

Nai Ghat

Nai Ghat is a famous place of Haridwar where people do their shaving.

Vishnu Ghat

There is a famous ghat in Haridwar, Vishnu Ghat is said to have been bathed here by Lord Vishnu himself and this ghat is believed that bathing here cuts off all sins of human beings.

Pawan Dham Mandir


This temple is also known for its unique and amazing artwork. The idols in the temple are made on the wall with glass and mirror.

This temple was built by Swami Vedanta ji maharaj in 1970.



 Shantikunj, the main center of the Gayatri family, founded by the well-known manishi Shriram Sharma Acharya.

This is a place of religious spiritual activities in the modern era on the route to Rishikesh.

In Shantikunj, you will hear the chanting of Gayatri Mantras in the morning so that your soul is satisfied .

Patanjali Yogpith


The distance from Haridwar railway station to Patanjali  Phase 1 is about 20 kilometers. You can go by bus or taxi.

In Patanjali, people come not only from the country but from all over the world and get health benefits. The foundation of Patanjali Yogpeeth was laid in 2004 and it was completed in 2006.

Patanjali Ayurved Hospital

Patanjali Ayurvedic Hospital has its own grand building where various types of diseases are treated .

Here, apart from treating various diseases, there is also a medical Treatment, Panchakarma ,Radiology Lab and Research Center available.

OPD of thousands of people was arranged in the hospital.

Patient are treated with  Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Panchakarma and aqua pressure.

A second building has been built for the care of the patient, named Shraddha.

A huge yagyashala has also been built here, the yajna programs are held here.

Apart from OPD, IPD has also been provided here and hundreds of people have been arranged here.

Here a separate building has been constructed for the treatment done by Panchakarma and Shatkarma.

A canteen has also been constructed in Patanjali itself, in which you can take your food and drink.

A Patanjali mega store has also been built here, which is very beautiful.

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aacharyakulam in patanjali haridwar

Acharyakulam is also built in Patanjali, where children are taught Ayurveda. Acharyakulam has a very beautiful building

Mahakumbh 2021


Entry in Mahakumbh

To visit Mahakumbh, you have to bring the 72 hours before  Covid-19 report, only then you are given an entry.

 Mahakumbh 2021 starts from 11 March and ends by 27 April .

 The date of the royal bath of Mahakumbh 2021 this time is as follows:-

Shivaratri – 11th March 2001 – Thursday

 Somvati Amavasya- 12 April 2021- Monday

Vaishakhi -14 April 2021- Wednesday

Chait Purnima- 27 April 2021- Tuesday

But due to more cases of Covid, Mahakumbh was closed prematurely.



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