Located in Kumaon, Uttarakhand, Kausani is today a famous tourist destination worldwide. Kausani is spread over 5 square kilometers and the pine forests here add to its beauty.

Kausani is a cool and quiet place where the weather remains cool throughout the year.

Kausani is also called Switzerland of India”.

Kausani is famous for “The sun rise and sun set of Kausani” and  “Himalayan ranges” visible from here.

The reflection of the sun in the Himalayas during sunrise and sunset is amazing, to see the same, tourists are coming to  this place from various location and abroad.

Located at an altitude of 6200 feet, Kausani is famous destination  for its beauty.

Seeing the beauty of Kausani, Mahatma Gandhi called Kausani, Switzerland of India, he came here for 2 days but seeing the beauty here, he stayed here for 12 days.

There are many hotels in Kausani and you will find hotels easily.

How to reach Kausani

Kausani is located in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand, Kathgodam is the nearest railway station to reach here. And here the nearest airport is Pantnagar.

The distance from Pantnagar to Kathgodam is 35 km. The distance from Kathgodam to Kausani is 135 km. Kausani You can go by bus or taxi.

There are frequent taxi services to Kausani from Kathgodam and you can also go by direct bus but if you do not get a direct bus, then you can go to Almora and from Almora to  Kausani.

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Timings to visit Kausani

In Winters(Otober to February)

In Winters, Kausani can be visited in the months of October to February and if you want to enjoy the snow, then you should make a program of Kausani between January to February 15, in the meantime, there is good snowfall here. Book the hotel online in these months, because the hotels are almost packed, here you will find 3 star hotels in the range of 2000 to 2500 per day.


In Summers(March to June)

Kausani is a very good tourist place for summer where you can enjoy the pleasant weather with nature, escaping from the heat of Plains.

There is greenery all around, green mountains and snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas.

Kausani has a peak season in the month of May and June and all the hotels here are almost full if you come to Kausani, then you have to book online because the number of hotels here is less and almost all the hotels are full.


In Moonsoons(July to August):

Going to Kausani in the monsoon is not a right decision because at this time there is a lot of rain and it is common to have a landslide due to the mountain path.


Places to visit in Kausani

Kausani is a beautiful hill town in Uttarakhand which is 110 km from Haldwani and 53 km from Almora. The snow-capped hills of “Nanda Devi” and “Trishul” can be seen from the Kausani Himalaya Range.

The path of the forest starts from Kathgodam while going to Kausani and you will be thrilled to see the water, the high mountains, the jungle rivers, till Kausani and all your tiredness is eradicated.

For artists, Kausani is a perfect place where they can see peace as well as places with supernatural beauty and mountain range and Himalayan range which they can explore in their arts.

Rudradhari falls and caves

Rudradhari Forest is a paddy cultivated forest surrounded by cedar trees, located just 12 kilometers from Kausani. Rudradhari Forest is a paddy cultivated forest surrounded by cedar trees, located just 12 kilometers from Kausani.

It is said that this place is related to Lord Shiva and  Lord Vishnu and  near the waterfall is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Anasakti Ashram

Anasakti Ashram is the place where Gandhiji stayed for 12 days in 1929, this place is also known as Gandhi Ashram. While staying here, Gandhiji called this place “Switzerland of India”.

Gandhiji wrote Anasakti Yoga literature here.

There is also a museum in this ashram in which pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and some of his writings are also kept.You can view the Himalayas from Gandhi Ashram itself, this place is also famous for Himalayan Darshan.

Anasakti Ashram has arrangements for your stay, if you want, you can also stay in Anasakti Ashram, there is no charges of stopping here, but when you go from here, you can go here by giving some Dakshina as a donation, which makes arrangements here.

There is also a system of eating here, if you want, you can also eat food here, but very simple food is available here and you will have to pay to eat . If you stay in the ashram, you need to attend the evening bhajan.


Tea Gardens

A tea state is situated at the distance of 5 kms from kausani which is a huge “Tea plantation garden”. The tea gardens here look quite beautiful and you can buy tea of different taste here.


Baijnath Temple

The Baijnath temple is located at a distance of about 16 km from Kausani. There are many temples located  in one place.

There are many temples, big and small, which are prominent among these temples is the stone statue of Goddess Parvati. These temple groups were built around the 12th century.


Sumitranandan Pant Museum

You already know that Sumitranandan Pant was a great poet of India and he was born in Kausani. There is a small museum here by his name, in which many of his books and many other books are also available.

If you go to Kausani, then you should not forget to visit this museum.




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