If you want to go to a quiet place, then there is no better place for you than Lansdowne.

Lansdowne is a very beautiful hill station located in Pauri Garhwal District, Uttarakhand.

You can enjoy the extreme beauty here, this place is not as popular as Manali and Mussoorie, so you will find s less crowd here.

The city of Lansdowne is spread over 6 kilometers of radius. The height of Lansdowne is 1780 meters above sea level.

The natural views here are excellent. Lansdowne has a long winter season and it is very cold even in summer.

History of Lansdowne

Lansdowne was established as a military garrison under British rule.

Lansdowne also has the headquarters and training center of the Army’s Garhwal Rifles. This city has been inhabited by the British and the British had established this city by cutting the black hill.

Lansdowne was formerly known as Kaaliundanda.Kaaliundanda means black mountain.

But his name was changed on 21 September 1890. Lansdowne is surrounded by dark clouds during the rainy season, it seems as if it has become dark.

There is a dense forest here, that’s why the ancestors named the place as Kaaliundanda.

The British did not like this name and they named it after Lord Lansdowne.

Lord Lansdowne was the fifth Markvarsh of this city. Markvarsh is a title given to the rich person in England.

Lord Lansdowne was the Viceroy of India from 1888 to 1894.

Prior to this, he was the Governor-General of Canada, so many towns in Canada are named after him.

How to Reach Lansdowne 

There are three options to reach Lansdowne by road, rail route, and air route.

If you want to come by Lansdowne by train then the nearest railway station is Kotdwar, which is 34 km from Lansdowne, you get a local taxi or bus from Kotdwar.

By Air

If you want to come by air then the nearest airport for Lansdowne is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun from where the distance to Lansdowne is 90 kilometers.

Taxi and Buses will be available from Jolly Grant Airport to Lansdowne.

If you want to come from Delhi by your car, then the route will be like this :

Road map from delhi to lansdowne. This map will display the clear cut route from delhi to Lansdowne.

Delhi —– Ghaziabad—- Meerut–Khatauli —Bijnor— Najimabad —Kotdwar–Lansdowne

The distance from Delhi to Lansdowne is 265 kilometers by this route.

If you have gone to Lansdowne by bus or train, then you get a comfortable taxi to roam in the local.
And if you like jungle safari, then some tour operators also offer jungle safari here.

To get the details of Train visit: www.irctc.co.in

Here you will get to see the Himalayan wildlife and you can also enjoy the forest here.

Stay in Lansdowne

Lansdowne does not have many hotel options but you will get a good hotel in the range from  ₹1500 to ₹ 2000 per day.

If you go to Jaiharikhal 5 kilometers ahead of Lansdowne, then here you will find good hotels at a cheap rate and also have a view of beautiful forests.

Places to visit in Lansdowne

Bhulla Lake

bhulla-lake-lansdowne-garhwal. one of the major tourist place in Lansdowne, garhwal

Bhulla Lake is a great place to visit in Lansdowne. You can enjoy boating here and there are many swings for children, you can spend a good time here.

Tip in Top

 tip-in-top-lansdowne-garhwal. Another tourist destination in Lansdowne, Gragwal

You can go to the tiptop. This place is 1.5 kilometers from Lansdowne.

From here you can see the hills of the Shivalik range and you can see a very beautiful view of the city of Lansdowne.

If you are fond of photography then you can do excellent photography from here. You get to see all the mountains of Garhwal from this place.

Jai Tadkeshwar Dham

 jai-tarkeshwar-dham-lansdowne-garhwal. An important pilgrimage in Lansdowne, Garhwal

You can also visit Jai Tadkeshwar Dham, this is a very old Shiva temple and is believed to be that people come here to fulfill their wishes.

This is a very powerful temple, you will get to see the oak tree forest here.

Bhima Pakora

 bhim-pakora-lansdowne-garhwal.This place has two stones which you can move just by your fingure. It is really wonder

Bhima Pakoda is 2 km from Lansdowne.

There are two stones here, which you can move with just your finger, but till date no one has dropped it, it is a beautiful wonder of nature.

War Memorial

To know the heroic saga of Garhwal Rifles, you can visit the War Memorial of Garhwal Rifles, here you have to go before 5:00 pm in the evening.

There is also a parade ground nearby which tourists can see from outside.

Timings to visit Lansdowne

You can go here in all seasons. Here you get to see clouds on the mountains. It will feel like you are in the middle of the clouds in the mountains and this view is very pleasing.

Food in Lansdowne

There are not so many restaurants in Lansdowne, but the food is very good in all of them, here you will find all kinds of food such as Chinese, Indian, South Indian, Italian will get everything and you can also try Garhwali dishes here.

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