Pithoragarh is famous as Saur Valley. Pithoragarh is located in the east of Uttarakhand on the border line of Nepal and Tibet.

Pithoragarh is situated at a height of 1514 meters above sea level.

History of Pithoragarh

Pithoragarh was known as Soar Valley in ancient times, Soar means  Lake. There was a time when pithoragarh was surrounded by 7 Lakes . But  gradually all these lakes dried up.

Then gradually the name of this place came to be called Pithoragarh. Behind Pithoragarh, there is also the reign of King Pithora Chand of the Chandra dynasty. Pithora Chandra defeated Pala Raja and ruled here for many years.

Pithoragarh used to come in Almora district earlier, but in 1960 Pithoragarh was made a separate district. Kali river flows in Pithoragarh.

The city of Pithoragarh is also the way for travelers visiting Kailash Mansarovar and many times the travelers of Kailash Mansarovar stop here for rest.

Pithoragarh is surrounded by snow-capped hills with high mountains, waterfalls and valleys.

Tourists enjoy trekking in Pithoragarh and apart from this there are many places to visit.

How to Reach Pithogarh

Detailed information about bus, train and Air route to Pithoragarh.

By Bus

Direct bus to Pithoragarh is run from Delhi, Dehradun and many cities of the country, from which you can come to Pithoragarh.

Other way is you can come to Haldwani, a city of kumaon , uttarakhand. From here you will get many buses for Pithoragarh, from Haldwani to Pithoragarh, the hill path starts.

By Train

If you are coming to Pithoragarh by train, then your nearest railway station will be Kathgodam. From Kathgodam to Pithoragarh you will get Uttarakhand Government Buses, Private Bus, Private Taxi and Shared Taxi.

By Air

If you are coming by air then there is a  Naini Saini Airport in Pithoragarh, but the flight to the airport is not regular.

Another option is Pantnagar Airport, which is 233 km from Pithoragarh, from Pantnagar Airport you can use  bus and by taxi to Pithoragarh Or you can go by bus from Pantnagar to Haldwani, which is 22 kilometers from pantnagar. And then Haldwani to Pithoragarh, you will get regular buses and taxis.

Stay in Pithoragarh

You will not have any problem for stay in Pithoragarh.

Pithoragarh is one of the major hill area where there are many hotels, resorts,and  restaurants. In Pithoragarh, you can get hotels from ₹ 500 to ₹ 5000 on a day charge in which all the facilities will be available.

In  Pithoragarh you will  get cheap  and good food, you will get variety of veg, non-veg and pahadi dishes.

Best Timing to visit Pithoragarh


Summer is the best time to visit Pithoragarh because it is cold area due to being situated on the height and the weather becomes pleasant in the summer.

If you come to Pithoragarh in summer, you will be able to see many places of Pithoragarh.


It is not right to visit Pithoragarh in the monsoon, due to the mountainous route, it becomes landslide in many places so that you can get stuck on the way.


If you are fond of snow, then it is the right time for you to come to  Pithoragarh, there is heavy snowfall in many places of Pithoragarh which you can enjoy such as Munsiyari and many other places.

Places to visit in pithoragarh

Pithoragarh Fort

 pithoragarh fort-pithoragarh , uttarakhand

Pithoragarh Fort is the first of the major sightseeing places of Pithoragarh which was built by Gorkhao in 1989.

Therefore, this fort is also named Gorkha Fort, Pithoragarh Fort situated on the Kali River of Kumaon, is very attractive.

Pithoragarh Fort is situated on the highest peak in the outer part of the Saor Valley.

Tourists enjoy nature in this fort and also enjoy long distance walking along with it.



 Chandak is a small hill located in Pithoragarh which is famous for trekking.

Chandak is located about 8 kilometers from Pithoragarh.

Which is adorned with various beautiful mountains of the Himalayan .

There is a temple about 2 km from Chandak hill which is dedicated to Lord Mannu. This temple hosts a very big fair in August and September.

This temple is quite attractive for tourists. Chandak hill is considered to be the best truck for trekking.

Ascot century


Ascot Century is a great place for all tourists visiting Pithoragarh who have interest in wildlife and nature.

Ascot Century is located at a distance of about 54 km from Pithoragarh.

In Pithoragarh Ascot Century you can see animals like Himalayan black bear, snow leopard and Musk deer etc. Apart from animals, there are many famous temples in Ascot.



Gangolihat is situated at a distance of 82 kilometers from Pithoragarh.

Gangolihat is famous for many temples. Of which the temple of Shaktipeeth of Kali Mata is most famous.

Surrounded by Saryu and Ramganga river, this city is also known for deep caves. The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan mountains add to the beauty of this city.

Patal Bhuweshwar Cave


The history of the Patal Bhubaneshwar Temple located in Gangolihat of Pithoragarh is very old.

Patal Bhubaneshwar Cave was discovered by Sri Shankaracharya. This is such an incredible cave in which you can see many pilgrimages together.

The cave of Pathal Bhubaneshwar is 90 feet below, which is built in a natural way.



Munsyari is one of the major attractive centers of Pithoragarh. This mountain region is very famous due to the Pancha Choli mountain range.

Munsyari is located at a distance of 127 km from Pithoragarh.

Munsyari is the center of attraction for tourists.

Munsyari is also considered to be the origin of the river Gauri. Munsyari is known for its religious and cultural surroundings

Kapileshwar Cave


The Kapileshwar Cave of Lord Bhole Shankar is very famous among the tourist places of Pithoragarh.

It is very attractive due to being situated in the snow covered peaks .

Kapileshwar Cave Temple is located at a distance of about 3 kilometers from Pithoragarh.

Narayan Ashram


Pithoragarh has a very good ashram where pilgrims can  stay, Surrounded by lush green forests, this ashram is very beautiful and smells of beautiful flowers.

The ashram also has a library and meditation hall.



Didihat, a city known as Tehsil of Pithoragarh. Didihat is known for its ancient ruins.

It is situated in the famous way of Mansarovar, it is a very ancient area and many temples are located here which attract tourists.

Naini Saini Airport


Naini Saini Airport not only caters to the residents of Pithoragarh, it is also a boon for tourists, which facilitates the tourists to come to Pithoragarh.

Aeroplane from Naini Saini Airport was run for the first time on 8 October 2019.It runs from Pithoragarh to Hindon Airport Ghaziabad.

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