Shimla is also known as “Queens of Hills”.

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

There is a famous Kali Maa temple in Shimla named Shyamala Devi Temple. Shimla got its name hereafter the name of Shyamala Devi Temple.


The East India Company was captured here in 1816, at that time Shimla used to be a small village.

After this, in 1819, Luomant Rose built his first wooden house. Gradually, the British began to like the weather here because the weather here was almost like the weather of England. And then many Britishers built their houses here.

Shimla gradually became an excellent hill station and the weather and beauty of this place began to please everyone. Then some schools were started for high-class people here.

After that Christ’s church constructed here in 1844. In 1863, the British made Shimla their summer capital.

On 25 January 1871, Himachal Pradesh got the status of state and  Shimla was made the capital of Himachal Pradesh, since then Shimla is a major tourist destination of India and millions of tourists from India visit Shimla every year.

How to reach Shimla

you can reach Shimla by Bus, By Train or By Air.

By Bus

Buses from all the major cities are coming to Shimla. You will get normal, AC, NON AC, and Volvo Buses for Shimla.

You will get direct Volvo buses from Delhi to Shimla. Volvo bus runs from Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate to Shimla with tickets ranging from Rs.800 to Rs. 1200.

By Train

There are trains from all the major cities to Kalka for Shimla. To reach Shimla, you have to come to Kalka by train. Direct Trains are available to Kalka from Delhi and other cities of India.

From Kalka, you can reach Shimla by bus or by Toy Train.

Toy Train to Shimla has the following fare:

Express Train: Rs. 50 per passenger

Passenger Train : Rs. 25 per Passanger

You will easily get a ticket from Kalka to Shimla, but if you want you can also book online in advance. Within 4 to 5 hours you will reach Shimla from Kalka in Toy Train.

For trains: visit

Personal Vehicle

If you are coming from your personal car, then you get multi-level parking in Shimla where you can park your car. Parking daily charge is ₹ 180.

Use this paid parking only after if you do not have free parking in the hotel where you are staying.

Stay in Shimla

To stay in Shimla, you will find many hotels where you will get all the facilities, in the season, the hotel fare is slightly higher and in the off-season, you get the same hotels at cheap rates.

Hotels in Shimla, you will get in  Rs.1000 to 9000 per day.

Eatables in Shimla

Talking about eating and drinking, you will find many restaurants and Dhabas in Shimla where you can eat your favorite food.

Talking about the chip and best food in Shimla, there is a canteen of the Indian Army near Hotel Gulmarg where you will get the best quality food at the chip rates.

All types of food are available here and anyone can go and eat there.

Places To Visit In Shimla



Kufri is a small village in Shimla where you will get to see snow in winter. Kufri is located at a distance of about 15 km from Shimla.

Kufri is situated at an altitude of 2750 meters above sea level. Kufri is also known as Shimla’s snowcap.

To get here you will get a bus and taxi. The bus ticket is ₹ 40 and the taxi will charge rs. 800 to Rs.1000 for both side.

The road from Shimla to Kufri is very beautiful and you can enjoy nature here.

Many activities are done in Kufri during the snow, for which different fare is charged, which is as follows:

Skiing    Rs.1000

Tube Slide :Rs. 300

Hourse Riding Rs. 500

Mall Road


Mall Road is the best place to walk in Shimla and is the main shopping center in Shimla. Mall Road is considered to be one of the busiest business areas in Shimla.

In the evening you can roam on Mall Road. The pleasure of walking in Mal Road is different in the evening, here you will find many shops, churches, and many different malls adorned in Mal Road.

There are many markets all over Shimla where you can shop like Mall Road, Lower Road, etc.

Green Valley


Green Valley is on the way from Shimla to Kufri, the distance from Shimla to Green Valley is 7 kilometers. This place is very attractive and is famous for the best views, this place is very good for photography.



This place is a beautiful picnic spot decorated with green deodar trees, which is located at a distance of kilometers from the Mall Road in Shimla.

Located at an altitude of 6220 feet above sea level, this place is extremely famous for its beauty. This playground was used by the British to play racing, polo, and cricket.

Christ Church


This church is the second oldest church in North India, which is built in the French style, with exquisite stone carvings and colorful glass windows give this building a beautiful look, especially at night time the view of this church is worth seeing.

Himachal State Museum

This museum is located at a distance of 3 km from Standard Point, also known as Shimla State Museum, in this museum you will find a collection of stamp collections, hill paintings, and many anthropological objects.

There is also a library here, in addition to many historical books, a collection of many manuscripts will also be found. This museum is closed every Monday.

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Viceregal Lodge


 This lodge was established in 1888 which is located in Observatory Hill. This lodge was used to host the President during British rule. That is why it is also called the President’s residence.

The country’s first research organization, the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, was established at this place. This 6-story building is surrounded by lush green gardens.

Toy Train


The toy train was started by Lord Curzon in 1903. This ride is also included on the UNESCO World Heritat site.

The distance of Kalka to Shimla in toy train is 96 km which is completed in 5 hours. On your way to the toy train for  Shimla, you will get 103 tunnels, 800 bridges, and several deep trenches.

Toy trains running from Kalkaji to Shimla include:

  1. Kalka Shimla Express
  2. Himalayan Van

The Ridge


Situated in the heart of Shimla city,” The Ridge” is a large open space with Scandal Point to the west and Lakhtar Bazaar to the north.

There is likewise a water supply which offers water to the whole city. Here summer festival is celebrated every year in the month of May.

The many statues and the church that is present here add beauty to this place.

Jakhu Temple


Situated at an altitude of about 8000 feet above sea level, this temple is situated on Jakhu hill.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, hence you will see many monkeys on the premises of this temple. The view of sunrise and sunset is worth seeing at this place.

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