Solang Valley is the famous tourist destination of Manali. Located around 14 km from Manali, Solang Valley is situated at an altitude of 300 meters, this valley increases the curiosity of tourists.

Solang Valley, where all the tourists reach for the adventure tour throughout the year, this valley is also known as Snow Point. It is arranged between Vyas Kund and Solang Valley.

Tourists especially arrive at this beautiful hill station during summer vacation and snowfall in winter. During the winter, tourists participate in the skiing competition held here. The winter skiing festival is organized in the winter.

This place is perfect for paragliding, skiing, and zorbing.

There are not very many locations that are ideal for us to appreciate get-away in both winter and summer. But in the list of such destinations located in India, Himachal’s Solang is named with the priority.

Because the tourists enjoy paragliding, zorbing, and nature walk during summer vacation, it is also the best place to enjoy skiing and snowfall in winter. Solang Valley is the best place for everybody, whether children or elderly, everybody can enjoy it here.

How to reach Solang Valley

To reach Solang Valley, you will have to come to Manali, the distance from Manali to Solang Valley is 14 kilometers, which you can cover by a private taxi, share taxi or rent a two-wheeler.

The path from Manali to Solang valley is very beautiful, where you will see snow-capped mountains and the river keeps moving along the road.

On the way to Solang Valley, there are jams from place to place, so it will take some time to reach Solang Valley.

Best Timing to visit Solang valley

Millions of tourists come to Solang Valley every day and for winter it is Manali’s best tourist place, January to March is the best time to visit Solang valley.

Clothes for Solang valley

If you are going to Solang Valley in winter, then do not forget to keep your winter clothes jackets, sweater, cap, and shoes with you, Hare also you will get everything in the rent, but it will get costly.

Activities in Solang Valley Manali

Paragliding in Solang Valley


Solang valley is located near the banks of river Beas on the way to Rohtang Pass, 14 kilometers from Manali. This place gets its name from the mouth of tourists who like adventure tourism.

Beautiful views of Solang valley can be seen during paragliding. There are two best jump stations for paragliding. One is slightly below, the other is quite high. That is, If you are paragliding for the first time, do not be afraid at all.

Two counters are built here for paragliding:

The first top fly, where you will go from the ropeway to the top and from there  you will go for paragliding.

Top fly charges are Rs.3200

the second is a short fly where you can do paragliding slightly below.

Short flychrges is Rs. 1000

Ropeway in Solang Valley

Riding the ropeway, it is fun to admire the beauty of the valley from a height. And you can experience this bliss in Solang in a very beautiful way. Here, one can ride the Solang rope-way while reaching the high jump station of Paragliding.

Charge of Ropeway:

Up to 3-year children FREE

All other tourists: 650 Rupees

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Zorbing in Solang Valley


Zorbing is a unique activity. In this, you are locked inside a transparent balloon, from which you can see the outside comfortably and people standing outside can see you.

In this balloon, you are tied with the help of a belt and then you are lightly pushed into the flat grassland, which is made from the height towards the slope. This ride has its own fun.

Zorbing charger:

Single person: 500 Rupees

Couple: 500 rupees

Quad motorcycling in Soland Valley


Riding an all-terrain vehicle in Solang is a fun experience. If you are an experienced biker, you can choose to enjoy it with a trained driver or even on your own.

It is usually a three-wheel and four-wheel vehicle. It is very fun to ride in the mountainous area through them.


If you come for a holiday in the mountainous area and do not go camping, then the fun of everything will fade. It is my pleasure to live in tents on the clean fields of green grass. Campfire, live music performance, and delicious dishes are enjoyed during this time.



You can also enjoy skiing in Solang Valley, skiing is done in the plain ground for which you will have to pay ₹ 500.

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